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Not sure what boards to choose from? Scroll down to view details on style and prices. We create all our boards from scratch, so are happy to accommodate any special sizes, ideas, or woods. 

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Pull-Out Bread Board

A perfect addition to give your kitchen a mini facelift and make your kitchen more functional! We can recreate those handy pull-out bread boards, that fits perfectly into the pre-existing slot in your kitchen. Or, gain more counter space with a cutting board that fits over your kitchen sink! 

Price: Begins at $110+ 

Chevron Cheese Boards

Cheese-Slicer Boards

These unique boards are not only a perfect accessory for your kitchen, but create the perfect platform for charcuterie! All cheese-slicer boards come equipped with built-in cheese slicing hardware. Available in standard edge-grain or chevron styles.

Price: $60 - $75

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

The ultimate platter for charcuterie featuring a built-in cheese-slicer and two metal bowls perfect for balsamic, olive oil, jam, nuts, and other assortment of treats. These boards are 1.5" thick and longer than our "standard" cheese-sliders, to hold more snacks! Available in edge-grain or chevron styles. 

Price: $85 - $95

Butcher Block Cutting Board

Butcher Block: End Grain Style

Variety of wood types and sizes. This intricate design exposes the end of the wood's fibers. This style of board is created to withhold heavy use, and are more substantial (heavier and thicker) than traditional edge-grain styles.

Price: Begins at $75

Matching boards

Cutting Board Edge Grain

This traditional method laminates wood edge to edge, creating a more predictable and thoughtfully prepared wood design. These boards are typically more affordable, and still can withhold much use, with the proper care.

Price: Begins at $50

Feather Chevron Collection

Cutting Board: With Chevron

Referred to as "too pretty to cut on"; however these boards are built for use! Can be created in a variety of wood types/sizes. The process of cutting, laminating, sanding is tripped with this detailed process, making these boards truly one of a kind!

Price: Begins at $75

Citrus Board

Citrus Boards

We call this a "Citrus Board" because it's the perfect size to cut fruit on.  Want a cutting board for those times when you only need to cut a garnish for a drink, slice an apple for the kiddos, or cut a hunk of cheese on.... This small butcher block board that can sit on the counter and look great, without getting in the way, or be easily stored away when not needed. 

Price: $40 - $45

Medium-Sized Board

With or without rubber feet.

Available in chevron, edge grain, or end grain... you pick!

Price: $50-$55

Cribbage Boards

 Unique designs incorporated in this classic game! Available in 2 or 3 player boards. Choose from live-edge (bark), solid wood, or multi-wood designs. 

Price: Begins at $45

Lazy Susans

Spinning base board. Available in  a variety of wood types and round sizes. Our lazy susans incorporate a thinner board on a low spinner. Surface is polyurethane sealed, to protect against any spills.

Price: Begins at $65

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