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Hello friends! Our shop space is located in Grand Marais, MN. If you don't live near us, you can purchase a product by emailing us, and we will be happy to ship it to you (approx. $5-$10 to ship our standard sized boards to the midwest). 

We are currently accepting custom orders. Whether it be one of our uniquely classic Cheese-Slicer Boards, a customized pull-out bread board for your kitchen, or a butcher block board that will last you a lifetime of cooking... we are here to assist! Please keep scrolling down for more information and ideas. 

We currently sell from our shop by custom order only. For all pre-made inventory, please shop local at these great locations, between Grand Marais to Duluth, MN! 

If you are looking for something specific (saw a photo you like? looking for a cheese cutter? have a specific dimension?) 

Please email us and we are happy to custom-create! All inventory is first-come basis. 

Thanks for your support! Enjoy! 


Ian and Rebecca Barrett



All products we produce are one of a kind. If you see something you like, let us know. If it’s still available we’d be happy to deliver it to you or ship it. If it has already been sold, we’d be happy to use the same techniques and wood to create a similar style board!

Chevron, Walnut Butcher Block Board

Butcher Block Boards

We create these end-grain, edge-grain, and chevron pattern boards by laminating strips of wood, hand sanding, and finishing with our all-natural, food-safe concoction to condition each board, keeping it looking hydrated and beautiful. All our boards are "too beautiful to cut on" but we promise, they will all withhold extensive use! 

The Wilder Woodshop

Cheese-Slicer Boards

These unique boards are not only a perfect accessory for your kitchen, but create the perfect platform for charcuterie! All cheese-slicer boards come equipped with built-in cheese slicing hardware. 

Pull Out Bread Boards

Pull-Out Bread Boards

A perfect addition to give your kitchen a mini facelift and make your kitchen more functional! We can recreate those handy pull-out bread boards, that fits perfectly into the pre-existing slot in your kitchen. Or, gain more counter space with a cutting board that fits over your kitchen sink! 

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 6.44.23 AM.png

Cribbage Boards

 Unique designs incorporated in this classic game! Available in live-edge, one-wood, or multi-wood options. 

Lazy Susan Top

Lazy Susan with Spinning Base

Variety of wood types and round sizes. Our lazy susans incorporate a thinner board on a low spinner. Surface is polyurethane sealed, to protect against any spills. 

Chevron cheese slicer + dip bowls

Charcuterie Boards

The ultimate platter for charcuterie featuring a built-in cheese-slicer and two metal bowls perfect for balsamic, olive oil, jam, nuts, and other assortment of treats. 

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