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We are a husband + wife duo who craft custom wood goods. We create butcher-block cutting boards, featuring our signature "Cheese-Slicer Board". In addition to, our functional wood art includes tastefully designed cabinetry, custom tables and even adventure-gear like canoe paddles! Our mission is to provide quality products, that you won't find duplicated, for a fair price all hard-working middle class people (like ourselves!) can afford. 

We were formally named "Barrett's Boards" but after our son, Wilder, was born we rebranded in honor of him. We look forward to teaching him these fine skills as he grows and watch his own

creativity expand! 

We currently do not have a storefront, but have the ability to ship all over the USA, you can pick-up at our shop in Grand Marais, Minnesota. 


We look forward to working with you!!

-Rebecca & Ian Barrett



Directly from our shop, just email us for a custom order!

Our Etsy Page

Clearview General Store 

5323 W. Hwy 61. Lutsen, MN 

The North Country Gallery (Lutsen, MN) 


North Shore Winery & Cider House

202 Ski Hill Road. Lutsen, MN 

Joy and Company (Grand Marais, MN)


All products we produce are one of a kind. If you see something you like, let us know. If it’s still available we’d be happy to deliver it to you or ship it. If it has already been sold, we’d be happy to use the same techniques and wood to create a similar style board!

Our portfolio

Butcher Block Boards

We create these end-grain, edge-grain, and chevron patterned boards by laminating strips of wood, hand sanding, and finishing with our all-natural, food-safe concoction to condition each board, keeping it looking new and beautiful! All our boards are

"too beautiful to cut on" but we promise,

 they will all withhold excessive use! 

Cheese Slicer Boards

These unique boards are not only a perfect accessory for your kitchen, but create the perfect platform for charcuterie! All cheese-slicer boards come equipped with built-in cheese slicing hardware. 

The Wilder Woodshop

Pull-Out Bread Boards
& over the sink boards

 A perfect addition to give your kitchen a mini facelift, make your kitchen more functional!

We can recreate those handy pull-out bread boards, that fit perfectly into the preexisting slot in your kitchen. Or, gain more counter space with a cutting board that fits perfectly over your kitchen sink! 

Over the sink cutting board
Pull out bread board
Large butcher block board

a "taste" of our work

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Rebecca and Ian were so easy to work with. We just provided the dimensions and gave them creative liberties. They came back with a beautiful cutting board at a great price. I can't wait to give them another project!

Milena S.

Working with Ian and Rebecca was a treat from the first time I reached out to them with my idea for a custom cutting board. They help me design this masterpiece. They worked with me every step of the way and the result is perfect. They know their craft and I recommend them and look forward to using them again. We ended up with a 24x24 cutting board with a waterfall edge that works perfect on our 10ft island. Thanks again!

Norman L. 

First off, this is a wonderful product! Made very well and with great design. Rebecca and Ian were also very helpful and made the best of my experience in making sure my cutting board was shipped quickly. I gifted it to my dad as a Father's Day gift and he absolutely loved it!

Beth B.